The TRUTH About Oral Health

Dental Care Expert Reveals How To Protect And Preserve Your Teeth And Gums When A Dentist or Hygienist Isn’t Available

Worried About What Will Happen If You Can’t Get Your Regular Dental Cleanings?

Now Is The Time To Take Home Dental Care Seriously

The World Health Organization is recommending a delay in routine dental cleaning until coronavirus pandemic eases. Dentists, hygienists and other oral care providers have a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 because of spray generating equipment and close contact with patients and exposure to saliva and blood. 

What can we do now? How will we be able to take care of our teeth if dentists are no longer available to assist us in prevention of cavities, gum disease and tooth loss? How long will this go on? We have no choice than to get serious about taking our dental health into our own hands.

But how? Since the early 1950’s, we’ve been shown and sold a certain protocol by the dental world and even though it has failed miserably, we cling to it because we don’t know of anything better.  They trained us to believe that we were not able to take care of our own teeth and gums.

But what if there was something we could do … right now?

When I first discovered it, it was an answer to prayer.  

The solution was so simple, making it easy to avoid all the pain and suffering so many have to endure with unnecessary dental procedures and put power into one’s hands when it came to oral health.

Almost no one likes going to the dentist – I get it.  It’s why I’m on a mission to help others. It’s why I have spent so many years helping people all over the world take their power back when it comes to their dental health.

If you’re interested in a different approach to dental hygiene that can be done easily at home, here is a natural alternative.

Since 2003, I’ve been on a quest to save mouths in the world with my 100% natural dental protocol that saves teeth and gums keeping them healthy for life.

– Gabriala Brown

How I Ended Up Fighting For Teeth and Gums

Natural health and wellness has been my passion for decades. I’ve purposely kept toxic personal care and toxic cleansers out of my home. When my two daughters were young, I did not rush them to the doctor for every sniffle and cough. I took them to the doctor only when required or if it was an emergency. This was a problem when it came to dental care, though. The toxicity issue came to the forefront again in my life and I felt like I hit a brick wall. This time it was in the dental area. The months, then years were passing and I kept researching and my heart was sinking. Mercury in fillings, drilling in teeth, fluoride treatments and more. There was no way out of this chemical web. I personally react negatively to fluoride so I was avoiding the issue.

I wanted to be able to avoid toxic substances and potentially harmful chemicals, escape expensive, uncomfortable, continuous dental procedures and avoid pain in our mouths (and my wallet) and more importantly, I wanted help save my two daughter’s teeth and gums from harm.

The thing is, I wasn’t finding any type of natural dental plan. There was nothing out there that I could follow step by step. 

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…it was a miracle really, but I didn’t know it yet.

I read an email newsletter and discovered an ad for a dental protocol from a scientist back in 1997 who spoke all about brushing teeth with the best thing to prevent cavities and gum disease! It was a plan with simple instructions, a little rough around the edges (I had some questions!) but completely doable. The scientist was a fluoride and cancer researcher of 40 years. 

It was now crystal clear to me how to cleanse teeth thoroughly, provide them with what they need to remain decay and disease free and how to truly support and take care of gums. After reading the doctor’s book, I saw I could finally relax. I had a real plan to work with for teeth and gums for my girls and I was so excited I wanted to share it with the world! I was going to be able to do this without toxic substances. It was a true answer to prayer! I also learned that what we are taught by mainstream dental is not sufficient and we need to take our dental health into our own hands instead of relying solely on the dentist instead.

After writing an easy to follow Three Step Plan and consulting with the doctor about the formula and creating and patenting the most ideal organic oral care product, I shared my info and products with my online health group in 2003 and I’ve been in the oral care business ever since. Every year that goes by and I hear how well people are doing with their teeth and gums, I’m more inspired to share this knowledge, well, fired up is more like it!

I’ve been listening to client success stories on the DIY natural dental protocol for years. This has given more fuel to the “fire of passion” I feel to help save teeth and gums of the world. 

With out of pocket dental expenses hundreds of dollars a year (even with insurance), there is little security for us unless we take full charge and make our oral health a priority.

The mouth can remain healthy when one understands the chemistry of teeth, the right way to clean them, the things to avoid to prevent future damage and especially the foods needed to encourage remineralization of teeth. Discover all about this by taking action today with the Ultimate Natural Dental Bundle!

Gabriala Brown

The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth Masterclass Series

eBook, BONUS MP3 and BONUS Video – YOU GET ALL THREE! No matter where you are or what your favorite technology is, you can access the simple Three Step Plan I teach that gives you everything you need to understand the real reason for tooth decay, how to stop it, how to blast plaque and soften tartar making it easier to remove, how to build healthier gums to save your natural teeth, what foods are ideal, which to avoid, what supplements are best and much, much more! Five info packed videos!

This Is Exactly What You Get In
“The Ultimate Dental Bundle”

Imagine What Life Would Be Like Having Dental Security

This is a reality for many if they follow the Three Easy Steps in my DIY natural and organic dental plan. This is real and thousands of people all over the world are following it every day with success. We all want success right? With my all natural approach you can:

Discover the one product billions are using that is actually ruining their teeth over time but the dentists refuse to say anything…

Save LOTS of $$$ money on toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental hygiene products…

Develop strong, decay resistant teeth and perfect gums for life allowing you to avoid costly procedures in the future…

Take supplements properly so your body will absorb the nutrients and get a chance to build healthy teeth and gums…

Create the right environment to build gum and other connective tissues that help you keep your natural teeth for life as well as create health in your entire body…

Get rid of bad breath for good and so much more!

Clients have been telling me for years that their dentists tell them, “There’s nothing for me to do for you” or “Your mouth would put me out of business!” This DIY 100% natural dental protocol has changed countless lives and made people happier since 2003.  Every time I speak with one of my clients I get so excited to learn they are getting amazing results.

It’s Time For Your Dental Transformation With…
“The Ultimate Natural Dental Bundle”

This is everything you need to finally take charge of your dental health once and for all and stop feeling like a victim in the dental chair. The Three-Step Plan in “The Perfect Prescription for Your Teeth” shows you how to avoid cavities, excess tartar, gum disease, pockets and be on your way to a happier smile in less than TWO MINUTES. Stick with the plan and see results!

“I’ve noticed less problems with my gums and teeth. I cannot imagine using anything else on my teeth.” – Irina B., Lincolnwood, IL

45 Remineralizing Recipes

Do you eat food? Of course you do! But most people don’t consider that what they are eating every meal is either helping to remineralize their teeth or demineralize them (which leads to holes in teeth). Whether you eat Keto, vegan, vegetarian or whatever style you eat, these recipes will work for you if you eat them according to the way I suggest. The side BONUS is that eating these foods in a certain way rips off the pounds. These are the recipes I eat myself and have maintained good health for decades!

Stock Your Pantry for Optimal Tooth Remineralization

Your cupboards, refrigerator and pantry need a detox as much as your body does. Whatever you have within your reach is what will go into your mouth and nourish your teeth and gums (or not…). Clean out your kitchen, clean up your insides and encourage better dental health!

And, on this page only, I’m going to include some exclusive
(and controversial…) bonuses you can’t get anywhere else!

Milk, Vegans and Crumbling Teeth

Understand How Diet Can Work Against You

Many of us do the best we can to support our health but may end up going down extreme paths to gain wellness, only to harm ourselves in the end.

This interview with Chet Day, who has one of the oldest health sites online, shares what he learned by working in the vegan world of sometimes health and many times obsession.

7 Things To Consider Before
Buying Any Products For Your Mouth 

Is Natural Always Better (or safe?!)

Manufacturing oral care since 2003, I keep a close eye on the market.

To my surprise and chagrin, a new product seems to pop up on the market every week but just because the bottle or jar says “non-toxic”, does that mean it’s going to encourage remineralization?

What is the history of that product? A product without a plan won’t get you very far. Get the facts and save your teeth and gums!

The Coming Storm


They Aren’t Talking About It…

Many times research is a game of dominos with one study leading to the next. It’s like a wonderful puzzle that comes together to paint an eye-opening picture.

My research into some astounding studies this past year was the reason I produced this video. Understand the simple truth to save your brain as you age.

Warning About Activated Charcoal

They May Regret It Later…

It’s amazing what is happening in oral care right now and how others are running to anything that is promoted by anyone (with no background in oral care).

When plain, powdered, charcoal in a jar became mainstream to brush with, I decided to produce this video with hopes I can save some teeth and gums along the way.

You will have everything you need to start your own proven DIY natural dental protocol and you’ll get the truth about how simple it is to avoid expensive, painful dental procedures that go wrong more often than not. The value of the “Ultimate Natural Dental Bundle” goes beyond the price of the package because applying the simple steps is worth a savings of thousands and thousands of dollars in dental bills, pain and anguish over your lifetime. PRICELESS!

This Is A Limited Time Offer.

30 Day “Buy It Back” Money Back Guarantee

Try the plan, use it, see the difference and if you are not happy in any way, I’ll buy it back from you! You have absolutely nothing to lose but cavities, gum disease, plaque, tartar and frequent visits to the dentist!

Are You Satisfied With The Current Level Of
Health In Your Mouth, Body And Mind?

Even if you have a mouth full of bad dental work right now, it’s never too late to start taking proper care of your teeth and gums. Every day you continue with your current dental protocol you are potentially damaging your teeth and gums making you a candidate for future procedures that could affect your wellness over the years and dig deep into your wallet.

Remember, you’re just two minutes away from starting on a journey of healthy teeth and gums for life…

-Gabriala Brown

“I’m just really grateful that I was awakened to the damage that conventional toothpastes, and even more alternative, supposedly ‘healthy’ toothpastes do to our teeth, gums and therefore our overall health!” ~ Camilla M., Sydney, New South Wales

When You Purchase The
“Ultimate Natural Dental Bundle!”

The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth Masterclass Series on eBookMP3, Video– Listen according to your best learning style and become a Master of your own dental health! After you listen, watch or read you will know exactly what steps to take to be able to ditch cavities and gum disease for good using simple, easy to follow methods that anyone can apply anywhere at any time!  ($797 Value)

45 Remineralizing Recipes – Most people eat 20 different foods and that’s it. This limits more than just variety, it also limits nutrients as well. Incorporate these recipes into your eating plan for the best remineralization of teeth and support of healthy gums. Recipes can fit into a vegan, vegetarian or even Keto plan easily. ($47 Value)

Stock Your Pantry for Optimal Tooth Remineralization– This pantry detox isn’t just about helping build strong teeth and gums… it will also promote overall health and weight drop if you happen to have a few extra pounds. It’s the way I have been eating for decades and it’s one secret I’ve kept hidden until now! ($47 Value)

Milk, Vegans and Crumbling Teeth – There’s nothing wrong with being vegan but you need to know about the experiences of others that have adopted this type of eating plan and the possible effects it has on teeth and gums. I interviewed Chet Day, who worked with strict vegans and what he told me was quite surprising. ($29.95 Value)

The Seven Things to Consider Before Buying Any Products For Your Mouth – The natural oral care market is swarming with all kinds of alternative oral care, but is any of it really safe, just because it’s all natural? Get the facts and save your teeth and gums from damage! ($29.95 Value)

The Coming Storm – Discover what the dental world is not talking about… it’s affecting thousands of people and their health but could be prevented by doing one simple thing. If you care about your brain don’t miss this!  ($29.95 Value)

Warning About Activated Charcoal I produced this video after interviewing some dentists at dental meetings across the country in 2018. You’re about to be warned! ($29.95 Value)

Total Value: $1,010.80

 But today, you’re getting all of this for the cost of a pizza…